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I am Beata Horvath, 29 and I live in Budapest with my 2-year old son, my partner and his teenage son. Architecture was my big love and I studied it at the University of Technology so thats why I am attracted to art and interior design. In my free time I like painting, reading books, working out and spending time with my family and friends.

From my childhood sports have been a part of my life. I played handball, football and I took part in running and athletics races as a teenager so sport plays a very important role in my life. After moving to the capital city I started to train in the gym because my body missed the daily workout. I became a personal trainer to develop my professional skills in gym workout.

 In 2019 I got my degree in Communication and Media and I am also work as a model with many foreign photographers, magazines and clothes brands.

  1. My childhood

    My childhood was wonderful and peaceful although my parents divorced when I was 16. The best thing was that I could eat as much as I wanted without gaining weight.
  2. The beginnings

    I began doing sports at primary school at the age of 7. My PE teachers wanted me to try many types of sports but my favourite was handball. I took part in basketball, volleyball matches and athletic and running races. Sports helped me how to cope with difficulties and to be a perfectionist.
  3. University life and modelling

    I moved to the capital city to study at the University of Technology where I attended civil engineering. After one year I realised it is not really what I want so I completed an interior designer course and started to work in this profession I enjoyed a lot. The reason I no longer work as a designer was my lack of persistance as a young girl. Somehow I took up modelling and doing sports so I finally managed to find my way in being a personal trainer.

  4. Love story

    After I got my personal trainer certificate I decided to move abroad and try myself as a fitness coach in a country where the sun always shines and people speak English. As you know this plan failed because I met my fiancé who is now also the father of my son. Many of you disagree with the big age difference (25 years) but it doesn’t bother us at all. Love doesn’t depend on age and our family and friends know we are a perfect match.

  5. Carrier

    In 2016 when I got pregnant people became interested in what I eat, how I stay in shape and keep fit. This time I started to write my blog and offered nutrition advice to those who needed my help. The successes of my clients made me very happy and this motivated me to create a webshop with different services and workout plans. The first one was the Pregnancy training program illustrated with my own photos.
  6. Family

    8th of July 2017… The most beautiful day of my life. It was the first time I saw and held my son, little Georgie in my arms. Georgie is the best thing that ever happened to us.
  7. Degree

    I started university in 2016 as a pregnant woman and completed my studies in Communication and Media in 2019. This university taught me a lot, how to manage my time beside work and a child, how to prepare for the exams and write all the diets at the same time.
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