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Sushi VS diet

You alwaisy ask me about sushi:

– May I integrate it to my diet?

– Is it diet food?

– Which kind of sushi should I eat?

The answer is that sushi could be a diet food and you can eat it when you are on a strict diet if you follow some rules and know some extra information:

– Sushi is not only rice and fish. If you want to make a good sushi rice you have to mix the rice with some sugar and rice vinegar. They are also calories and sugar is extra carbohydrate

– Essential fats in fish are very good fats but we love using avocado in the rolls. 1 avocado contains 30 gram fat so it is also extra calories and fat‼

– When we eat sushi we always use soy sauce. Nutrition researchers are constantly debating if there are any effects of soy on the female hormonal system or not, but you can read about in scientific articles and after you can decide that you want to consume it or not. (I usually do not recommend to consume continuously any soy product but I think sometimes it is permissible.)

– Beside soy sauce we usually use many other sauces like mayonnaise or teriyaki and they are also plus calories 

So yes, you can integrate sushi in you diet but 

– Do not eat it for dinner. Eat it for lunch after or before your workout. 

– Do not eat too much. Eat just the amount what your body needs.

– Do not eat too much sauce. Eat the simpliest kind of sushi without extra sauce.

If you do not want to keep these rules eat sushi as a cheatmeal (like me). J

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